Create IT for your needs

My goal is to make IT a task you don't need to worry about

IT is becoming more and more complex, therefore I decided to dedicate my work to help you forget about IT tasks and enable your IT to work with and not against you

Take IT easy

Having to worry about your IT in a company, can be quite some work and quickly overwhelming.

But do not worry we are here to make IT easy for you!

Our Solutions

Enabling IT

Enabling your IT means enabling your daily working tools like Computer, Office365, and Google suite to work how you want it


One of the most important parts of your company is your website and internet appearance. We host and create it for your needs


Nothing works without a stable and secure network. We are here to help you to secure and set up your network 

About me

My name is Felix but everyone just calls me the “IT guy”.

I finished my IT apprentice in 2022 as a System-Engineer and always wanted to start my own company, which I decided to do after colleagues, friends and now customers asked me about my advice on Webhosting, personal IT, or networking.

My main goal is to make everyone’s life in at least one aspect more relaxed. We are living in a fast-moving environment, so set your IT problems aside and relax!

Felix Ruppel (high res)